Haçienda Top 50 Compiled by Jon Da Silva

o A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
o Bam Bam – Give it to Me
o Bamboo – Bamboo
o Coolhouse – Rock This Party Right
o Delite – Wild Times
o 808 State – Pacific State
o ESP – It’s You
o Farley Farley Farley – Give Yourself to Me
o Flack, Roberta – Uh Oh Ooh Ooh Look Out
o Garrett, Siedah – K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
o Holloway, Loleata – Love Sensation
o House Master Baldwin – Don’t Lead Me
o Inner City – Big Fun
o Jago – I’m Going to Go (Knuckles Mix)
o Jarvis, Arnold – Take Some Time Out
o Jason, Kenny Jammin’ – Can U Dance?
o Joe Smooth – Promised Land
o Landlord – I Like It
o Liaisons D – Future FJP
o Lil’ Louis – French Kiss
o LP, the – Acid Trax
o Mantronix – King of the Beats
o Mark the 45 King – 900 Number
o Nayobe – I Love the Way You Love Me (Dub)
o New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big (Baka)
o Nightwriters – Let the Music Use You
o Orange Lemon – Dreams of Santa Anna
o Orbital – Chime
o Paradox – Jail Break
o Phase II – Reachin’
o Phuture – Acid Tracks
o Phuture – Slam
o Precious – Definition of a Track
o Rhythim is Rhythim – Strings of Life
o Rhythim is Rhythim – Nude Photo
o Risque 3 – Essence of a Dream
o Rogers, Ce Ce – Someday
o Rusty – Everything is Gonna Change
o Shaker Song – Shaker Song
o Sha Lot – I’m in Love
o S.L.Y. – I Need a Freak
o Sterling Void – It’s Alright
o Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino
o Sweet Exorcist – Test Four
o T Coy – Carino
o Ten City – Right Back to You
o 28th Street Crew – I Need a Rhythm
o Unique 3 – The Theme
o Virgo – Mechanically Replayed



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