The Rough Guide to Reggae – Compiled By Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton

The Beginnings: Mento to Ska

Jamaican Folk Traditions

o V/A – From the Grass Roots of Jamaica (Dynamic, JA)

The Birth of the Sound System

o Aitken, Laurel – Pioneer of Jamaican Music (Reggae Retro, UK)
o Count Ossie – A Rasta Reggae Legend (Moodisc, US)
o King Stitt – Dance Hall ’63 (Studio One, JA)*
o V/A – Sir Coxsone & Duke Reid in Concert at Forresters’ Hall (Studio One, US)

Ska Authentic

o Alphonso, Roland – Something Special: Ska Shots (Heartbeat, US)
o Drummond, Don – Best of (Studio One, JA)
o Lord Creator – Don’t Stay Out Late (VP Records/Randy’s, US)
o Maytals – Prince Buster Record Shack Presents the Original Golden Oldies Vol 3 (Prince Buster, JA, UK & US)*
o Skatalites – Foundation Ska (Heartbeat, US)
o Skatalites – Ska Authentic (1964, ND/Studio One, JA)
o Skatalites – Ska Authentic Volume 2 (1964, ND/Studio One, JA)*
o Skatalites – Ska Boo Da Ba (1966, Westside, UK)
o Skatalites & Friends – at Randy’s (VP Records, US)
o V/A – Club Ska ’67 (Mango, UK)
o V/A – Club Ska ’67 Volume 2 (WIRL, JA/UK)*
o V/A (Clement Dodd Productions) – Ska Bonanza: Studio One Years (Heartbeat, US)
o V/A (Top Deck Productions) – Ska Down Jamaica Way (Top Deck, UK)

Jamaican Jazz – a Brief Survey

o Ranglin, Ernest – Below the Bassline (Island Jamaica Jazz, UK)
o Ranglin, Ernest – Sounds & Power (Studio One, US)

Rude Boys & Rocksteady

o V/A – Catch This Beat (Island, UK)*

Rude-Boy Music

o Dekker, Desmond & the Aces – Action! (Late 60s, Esoldun, FR)
o Ellis, Alton – Cry Tough (incs: Mr Soul of Jamaica LP, Heartbeat, US)
o Tosh, Peter – The Toughest (Studio One material) (Heartbeat, US)

Get Ready, It’s Rocksteady – Duke Reid & Coxsone

o Andy, Bob – Song Book (Coxsone, JA)
o Boothe, Ken – A Man & His Hits (Studio One, JA)*
o Heptones – On Top (Studio One, JA)
o Kelly, Pat – Vintage Series (Treasure Isle material) (VP Records, US)
o Melodians – Swing & Dine (1960’s) (Heartbeat, US)
o Paragons – Golden Hits: The Great Treasure Isle Collection Vol 2 (Treasure Isle, FR)
o Techniques – Rock Steady Classics (Treasure Isle material) (Rhino, UK)
o Wilson, Delroy – Original Twelve: Best of (Coxsone, JA/Heartbeat, US)*
o V/A – Duke Reid’s Treasure Chest (Heartbeat, US)
o V/A – Mojo Rocksteady (Heartbeat, US) (3 versions of this but only one is a CD)

Catch This Beat: The New Producers

o Smith, Slim – Early Days (Total Sounds, JA)*
o V/A (Joe Gibbs Productions) – Joe Gibbs: Amalgamated Label, Explosive Rocksteady 1967 73 (Heartbeat, US)

Early Reggae

o V/A – Monkey Business (Trojan, UK)
o V/A – The Harder They Come: Soundtrack (Island, UK)

The Big Three in the Reggae Era

o Brooks, Cedric – Im Flash Forward (1977, Studio One, JA)*
o Burning Spear – Presenting (Studio One, JA)*
o Burning Spear – Rocking Time (Studio One, JA)*
o Ellis, Alton – Sunday Coming (Studio One, JA)
o Holt, John – Like a Bolt: Classic Rocksteady & Reggae (Westside/Demon, UK)
o Marshall, Larry – Presenting (Studio One, JA/Heartbeat, US)
o Mittoo, Jackie – Keyboard King at Studio One (Universal Sound/Soul Jazz, UK)
o Mittoo, Jackie – Tribute to… (Heartbeat, US)
o Wailing Souls – Wailing Souls (1st Album) (Studio One, JA)*

Promotions to the Premier League

o Brown, Dennis – Best of… (4th Album) (Joe Gibbs, JA)*
o Campbell, Cornell – Minstrel: Classic Reggae 1972-77 (Westside, UK)
o Ethiopians – Original Reggae Hit Sound (Trojan, UK)
o Maytals – Bla Bla Bla (1966-70) (Esoldun, FR)
o V/A (Clancy Eccles Productions) – Clancy Eccles Presents his Reggae Revue (Heartbeat, US)
o V/A (Harry Mudie Productions) – Let Me Tell You Boy (Trojan, UK)

New Producers Enter the Arena

o Hudson, Keith – Flesh of My Skin, Blood of My Blood (Mamba, UK)*
o V/A (Keith Hudson Productions) – Studio Kinda Cloudy (Trojan, UK)*
o V/A (Rupie Edwards Productions) – Pure Gold (Success, UK)*
o V/A (Winston Riley Productions) – Roots Techniques (Pressure Sounds, UK)

Wake the Town: How the DJ Came to Rule the Nation

o Big Youth – Screaming Target (Gussie, JA/Trojan, UK)
o Dennis Alcapone – My Voice is Insured for Half a Million Dollars (Trojan, UK)*
o U-Roy – Super Boss (Treasure Isle material) (Esoldun, FR)

Rebel Music & Rasta Chants

o Byles, Junior – Curly Locks: Best of… & the Upsetters 1970-76 (Heartbeat, US)
o Byles, Junior & Friends – 129 Beat Street: Ja-Man Special 1975-78 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – African Herbsman (Trojan, UK)
o V/A – Rebel Music (Trojan, UK)
o V/A (Lee Perry Productions) – Upsetter Collection (Trojan, UK)
o V/A (Winston Riley Productions) – Blood & Fire (Trojan, UK)*

Roots Reggae

o V/A – Classic Reggae: Definitive Revival Reggae Mastercuts Vol 1 (Mastercuts, UK)

Marley, Bob & the Wailers

o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – Legend (Tuff Gong, JA/Island, UK & US)
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – Natural Mystic ((Tuff Gong, JA/Island, UK & US)
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – Songs of Freedom (Box) (Tuff Gong, JA/Island, UK & US)
o Wailer, Bunny – Blackheart Man (Solomonic, JA/Island, UK)

UK Connection

o Black Uhuru – Showcase (Taxi, JA/Heartbeat, US)
o Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey (Fox, JA/Island, UK)
o Burning Spear – Social Living (Burning Spear, JA/Blood & Fire, UK)
o Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up (Virgin/EMI, UK)
o Ruby, Jack Presents the Black Foundation (Jack Ruby Productions) – Black Foundation in Dub (Heartbeat, US)

The Producer as Auteur

o Brown, Dennis – Visions (Joe Gibbs Record Globe, JA)
o Campbell, Cornell – I Shall Not Remove 1975-80 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Clarke, Johnny – Don’t Trouble Trouble (Attack, UK)
o Clarke, Johnny – Dreader Dread 1976-78 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Congos – Heart of the Congos (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Culture – Two Sevens Clash (Joe Gibbs Record Globe, JA/Lightning, UK)
o Mighty Diamonds – When the Right Time Come/I Need a Roof (Well Charge, JA/Virgin, UK/Channel One, US)
o Miller, Jacob – Who Say Jah No Dread (Greensleeves, UK)
o Pablo, Augustus – El Rockers (Pressure Sounds, UK)
o Pablo, Augustus – Original Rockers (Rockers Int, JA/Greensleeves, UK)
o U Roy – Right Time Rockers (1976) (Soundsystem, US)
o Walker, Sylford & Welton Irie – Lamb’s Bread International (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Yabby You – Jesus Dread 1972-77 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o V/A (Augustus Pablo Productions) – Classic Rockers 2 (Mango Reggae Refreshers, UK)
o V/A (Bunny Lee Productions) – If Deejay Was Your Trade (Blood & Fire, UK)
o V/A (Lee Perry Productions) – Build the Ark (Trojan, UK)
o V/A (Lee Perry Productions) – Open the Gate (Trojan, UK)
o V/A (Winston Riley Productions) – Observation Station (Heartbeat, US)

Nyahbingi Music

o Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Grounation (MRR, JA/Ashanti, UK)

The Small Axes

o Abyssinians – Satta Massa Gana (Heartbeat, US)
o Royals – Pick Up the Pieces (Wambesi, JA/Magnum, UK)
o Wailing Souls – Wild Suspense (Massive, JA/Mango Reggae Refreshers, UK)

Cultural Toasters

o Big Youth – Everyday Skank: Best of (Trojan, UK)*
o Doctor Alimantado – Best Dressed Chicken in Town (Greensleeves, UK/RAS, US)
o Prince Alla – Heaven is My Roof (Tappa, JA)*
o U Roy – Don’t Check Me with No Lightweight Stuff 1972-75 (Blood & Fire, UK)

The Mainstream

o Andy, Horace – Good Vibes (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Andy, Horace – In the Light/In the Light Dub (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Brown, Dennis – Open the Gate: Greatest Hits Vol 2 (Heartbeat, US)
o Brown, Dennis – Some Like it Hot: Greatest Hits Vol 1 (Heartbeat, US)
o Higgs, Joe – Life of Contradiction (1975, Micron, JA/Esoldun, FR)
o Isaacs, Gregory – Soon Forward (African Museum, JA/Virgin, UK)*
o Romeo, Max – Open the Iron Gate 1973-77 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Wilson, Delroy – Sarge (LTD, JA/Charmers, UK)

Roots Harmonies

o Israel Vibration – Same Song (Top Ranking, JA/Pressure Sounds, UK)

Some Reflective Rastamen

o Fred Locks – Black Star Liners (Jahmukmusik, JA/Vulcan, UK)
o Hinds, Justin & the Dominoes – Travel with Love (1984, Nighthawk, US)
o Little Roy (w. Ian Rock & the Heptones) – Tafari Earth Uprising (Pressure Sounds, UK)
o Moses, Pablo – Revolutionary Dream (Jigsaw, JA/Tropical Sound Trace, UK)*


o Various Producers – Rodigan’s Dub Classics: Serious Selections Vol 1, Mixed by King Tubby, Prince Jammy & Scientist (Grapevine, UK)

Dubwise Shower

o Dodd, Clement (Productions) – Dub Store Special (Studio One, JA)*
o Gibbs Joe & Errol Thompson (Productions) – African Dub Almighty Chapters 1-4 (Joe Gibbs Record Globe & Rocky One, JA)*
o Holness, Winston ‘Niney’ (Productions) – Dubbing with the Observer (Observer, JA/Attack, UK)*
o Hookim, Joseph ‘Joe Joe’ (Productions) – Vital Dub Strictly Rockers (Well Charge, JA & US/Virgin, UK)*
o Hudson, Keith (Productions) – Pick a Dub (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Jackson, Vivian (Productions) – King Tubby’s Prophecy of Dub (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Lee, Bunny (Productions) – Dub Gone 2 Crazy: In Fine Style 1975-1979 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Lee, Bunny (Productions) – Dub Gone Crazy: Evolution of Dub at King Tubby’s 1975-1979 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Pablo, Augustus (Productions) – King Tubby’s Meets Rockers Uptown (Yard, JA/Clocktower, US)
o Perry, Lee (Productions) – Blackboard Jungle Dub (Upsetter, JA)*
o Perry, Lee (Productions) – Super Ape (Upsetter, JA/Island, UK)

Dub Explosion

o Mudie, Harry (Productions) – Meets King Tubby’s in Dub Conference Vols 1-3 (Moodisc, JA/Moods, US)
o Rodney, Winston (Productions) – Living Dub Vols 1 & 2 (Burning Spear, JA)*

Dubbing into the 1980s

o Brown, Glen (Productions) – & King Tubby: Termination Dub 1973-79 (Blood & Fire, UK)
o Thompson, Linval (Productions) – Scientist Encounters Pac Man (Greensleeves, UK)
o Thompson, Linval (Productions) – Scientist Meets the Space Invaders (Greensleeves, UK)


o V/A – Forward: a Selection of Greensleeves Top Singles 1977-82 (Greensleeves, UK)

Roots Tradition, the Roots Radics & Barrington Levy

o Isaacs, Gregory – Lonely Lover (African Museum, JA/Pre, UK)
o Levy, Barrington – Collection (Greensleeves & Time One, UK)
Deejay Dominance

o Lone Ranger – M16 (J&L, US)*
o V/A – A Deejay Explosion Inna Dance Hall Style (Heartbeat, US)

Dance Pon the Riddim

o McGregor, Freddie – Bobby Babylon (Studio One, JA/Heartbeat, US)
o Minott, Sugar – Live Loving (Studio One, JA/Heartbeat, US)
o Osbourne, Johnny – Truths & Rights (Studio One, JA/Heartbeat, US)
o V/A (Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd Productions) – Showcase Vol 1 (Heartbeat, US)

Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes Rules the Dancehall

o Wailing Souls – Fire House Rock (Volcano, JA/Greensleeves, UK)

Prince Jammy

o Half Pint – Monkey Man Skank (Jammy’s, JA)*
o V/A (Prince Jammy Productions) – Prince Jammy: A Man & His Music Vol 3, Hits Style (RAS, US)

Sugar Minott

o Minott, Sugar – Black Roots (Black Roots, JA/Mango, US)

Sly & Robbie

o Brown, Dennis – Brown Sugar (Taxi singles comp) (Taxi, JA)
o Kamoze, Ini – Ini Kamoze (Island, JA)*

Worries in the Dance: More Producers Join the Crowd

o McGregor, Freddie – Big Ship (Thompson Sound, JA/Greensleeves, UK)
o Mighty Diamonds – Changes (Music Works, JA)*


One Rhythm Albums

o Kelly, Dave ‘Rude Boy’ (Productions) – Arabian Jam (Mad House, JA & UK)
o Kelly, Dave ‘Rude Boy’ (Productions) – Pepper Seed Jam! (Mad House, UK)

King Jammy

o Frazer, Dean – Big Bad Sax (Jammy’s, JA/Super Power, UK)*
o Gibbons, Leroy – Four Seasons Lover (Jammy’s, JA/Super Power, UK)
o King Jammy (Productions) – Prince Jammy: A Man & His Music Vol 2, Computer Style (RAS, US)
o Lieutenant Stitchie – Wear Yu Size [Great Ambition] (Jammy’s, JA/Super Power, UK)*
o Nitty Gritty – Trials & Crosses: Tribute to… (VP Records, US)

King Tubby

o King Tubby (Productions) – Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style (Taurus, JA & UK)*

Gussie Clarke

o V/A (Gussie Clarke Productions) – Hardcore Reggae (Greensleeves, UK)

Jammy’s Employees Go It Alone

o McGregor, Freddie – Now (Steely & Clevie, JA)
o Steely and Clevie (Productions) – Play Studio One Vintage (Steely and Clevie, JA/Heartbeat, US)

Ragga Sing a Hit Song

o Cocoa Tea – Come Love Me (VP Records, US)
o Griffiths, Marcia – Indomitable (1993, Penthouse, JA & US)
o Hammond, Beres – A Love Affair (Penthouse, JA & US)
o Paul, Frankie – Sara (Jammy’s, JA/Live and Love, UK)

Deejay Confrontation

o Banton, Buju – ‘Til Shiloh (Penthouse, JA/Loose Cannon, UK)
o Bounty Killer – My Xperience (VP Records, US)
o Capleton – Prophecy (Def Jam & Ral & African Star, US)
o Ninjaman – Bounty Hunter (Digital B, JA/Blue Mountain, UK)
o Shabba Ranks – Golden Touch (Two Friends, JA/Greensleeves, UK)

Rasta Renaissance

o Bushman – Total Commitment (King Jammy’s, JA/Greensleeves, UK)
o Garnett Silk – Gold (Charm, UK)
o General, Mikey – Spiritual Revolution (Qabalah, JA/Redbridge, UK/VP Records, US)
o Heritage, Morgan – Protect Us Jah (VP Records & Brickwall, US)
o Jahmali – El Shaddai (Germain, JA/US)
o Luciano – Where There is Life (Xterminator, JA/Island Jamaica, UK)
o Rose, Michael – Sly & Robbie Present the Taxi Sessions (Taxi, UK)*
o Tony Rebel – If Jah (VP Records, US)
o V/A (Bobby Digital Productions) – Digital B Presents Kette Drum (Digital B, JA)
o V/A (Sky High Productions) – Sky High & Mau Mau Present Marcus Garvey Chant (Sky, High, JA)

Bobo Dread Deejays, Chanters & Singers

o Anthony B – Real Revolutionary (Star Trail, JA/Greensleeves, UK)
o Capleton – More Fire (1999-00 comp) (VP Records, US)
o Sizzla – Black Woman & Child (Greensleeves, UK/Brisk Wall, US)
o Sizzla – Bobo Ashanti (Xterminator, JA/Greensleeves, UK)

Reggae in Britain

Roots, Rock, Reggae, UK Style

o Steel Pulse – Handsworth Revolution (Island, UK)
o V/A – Don’t Call Us Immigrants (Pressure Sounds, UK)

Lovers Rock

o Barry Boom – Living Boom (Fine Style, UK)
o Davis, Janet Lee – Missing You (Fashion, UK)
o Hunnigale, Peter – Reggae Max (Jet Star, UK)
o Kay, Janet – Ultimate Collection (Arawak, UK)
o Mafia, Leroy – Finders Keepers (Mafia and Fluxy, UK)
o V/A – Lovers Rock: Serious Selections Vols 1-3 (Rewind Selecta, UK)
o V/A (Fashion Productions) – Lovers Fashion Vols 1 & 2 (Fashion, UK)

From Deejays to Ragga

o Levy, General – Wickedness Increase (Ffrr, UK)
o Macka B – Sign of the Times (Ariwa, UK)
o Maxi Priest – Bonafide (Ten, UK/RAS, US)
o Top Cat – 9 Lives of the Cat (9 Lives, UK)
o Top Cat – Cat O’ Nine Tales (9 Lives, UK)
o V/A (Saxon Productions) – Saxon Studio Presents Dance Hall Specials Vol 1 (Saxon, UK)

Roots Revival

o Banton, Starky – Powers Youth (Fashion, UK)
o Brown, Leroy – Rhyme & Reason (Saxon, UK)

Reggae in the USA

US Reggae Takes Root

o Andy, Horace – Dance Hall Style (Wackie’s, US)

NY Dancehall & Ragga

o Red Fox – As a Matter of Fox (Elektra, JA/US)
o Shinehead – Rough & Rugged (African Love, US)*
o Shinehead – Troddin’ (Elektra, US)
o Washington, Glen – Brother to Brother (Studio One, US)
o Washington, Glen – Wandering Stranger (Studio One, US)



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